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Assa Abloy TRIMEC Drop Bolts

SKU : 1356




TRIMEC's range of drop bolts represent true engineering innovation, design excellence and superior quality customers have come to expect and demand for Trimec. Designed for use on swing-through, double action doors these drop bolts are ideal for applications where an electric strike is impractical. A stylish range is stainless steel surface mount housings and accessories are available making these drop bolts an attractive, unobtrusive solution for glass doors applications
This is the most popular model in the range. Having a very slim faceplate this drop bolt is designed to be installed in any type of door frame and can be converted from Power to Lock (PTL) to Power to Open (PTO). Smart electronic functions inside this drop bolt include: 8 x lock and unlock attempts, 8 second unlock delay, automatic re-lock after 8 seconds, power reduction circuitry to limit the holding current, and a one time thermal fuse cut-out in case of solenoid overheating. The faceplate and strike plate have been finished in stainless steel.
Functionally the same as the TB25 in every respect, the TB25KO differs in that it has a provision for a Euro profile key cylinder as a means of mechanical override in the event of power failure. The faceplate and strike plate are finished in stainless steel.
TB32-38 (TB32)
Having less features than the TB25 this drop bolt was designed for the cost conscious and is available in the Power to Lock configuration only. There are no on board electronics and unlock and re lock times must be controlled by the access control system. The standard bolt (TB32-38) is supplied with a 38mm wide faceplate however a 32mm faceplate is available as an option (TB32)
An attractive range of glass door and surface mount accessories are available. Functionally this drop bolt is the same as the TB25 in every respect apart from the faceplate, body and bolt pin dimensions which are given in the table at the top of this page. The faceplate and strike plate are finished in stainless steel.

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